Consultation & Physical Treatment

For Chronic or Complex Pain

Too often, people believe their condition is beyond the point of repair via physical rehabilitation, when it’s really just a matter of applying the correct techniques and tactics.

If you would like to rehab with me, we will begin with a 1-hour consult, where we break down the specifics of your problem and do some physical testing to find out why. I almost always do some form of treatment on the first day.  I’m generally hoping to see a physical change and a change in the way you feel on day one.  I’ll send you home with a home therapy routine as homework.

I don’t like to give out classic treatment plans, like “three times a week for four weeks”.  Generally, we do better by treating you two or three times, hoping to see a change in how you move and feel each visit.  At that point, you’ll know how much rehab you need with me and at home.  Helping you help yourself is a priority for me.

If you would like to send me a MRI or other diagnostic tests with a summary of your situation, I’m more than happy to let you know my thoughts on your condition. Give me a few days to respond.

We accept nearly every insurance plan. Call for more info.                  


For Sports Injury Rehab

My athletes return to their training faster and with less risk of re-injury than you would expect with the run-of-the-mill therapy.  There are keys to a great sports rehab experience, including:

  1. Evaluating your injury and your biomechanics on day one.
  2. Teaching you how to do great home rehab.
  3. Showing you how to improve your training or sport technique to prevent future injury.




For Peak Performance

I've worked with athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA. I treat a numerous elite gymnasts, collegiate athltetes developing young athletes. Everyone's goals are different. Every athlete is different. I try to help you        reach your goals and your full physical potential. It's fun.

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Stretch Sessions

Stretch-to-Win® is probably the best kept secret in physical medicine. Denise and Melissa are superb therapists and have worked with numerous athletes from the NBA, NFL, UFC, NCAA and elite gymnasts. They use this trademarked technique with massage and other myofascial techniques in every session, tailored to their athletes goals.

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Massage or Stretch-to-Win®                  

60 minutes      $80                                                               

90 minutes   $105