There is no doubt you’ve witnessed someone else’s career cut too short by an injury that was rehabbed incorrectly.  The responsibility of finding the best care for you, is ultimately yours. You must be an interested participant in your own rehab to get ↑100% better.  

By the end, you should have learned the process we put you through, so well, that you can continue to rehab yourself indefinitely, minimizing the chance of re-injury. You should leave knowing how to fix whatever you came in with that was broken.

At your initial visit, we will do an exam and, if appropriate, functional testing. I usually do some form of treatment on the first day as long as we have all the tests we may need. Bring any past diagnostic tests you may have had.

You will always work with me directly.

I will provide a written injury report and functional capability evaluation, if needed. 

If you will not be in phoenix for your rehab, you should consider spending 2-3 days working with us, honing a game plan for recovery.  I will locate and find an appropriate option for you in another city that can help us get it done the right way.

I’m happy to provide references upon request.

In the meantime, I’m here to help, connect with me on social media.