If Your Chronic Headaches Begin At The Base Of Your Skull and Radiate upward…

I Know Exactly How You Feel, and I Can Probably Fix It.

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I know this because I had the very same problem for over 6 years, then someone fixed them in just one day.  It changed my career path and has made chronic headache a focus of my practice. Having seen many headache patients over the past 16 years or practice, I've find the following observances the most surprising. 

  1. A large percentage of chronic headaches patients are suffering from cervicogenic headaches, while being told they have migraines or another headache profile.

  2. Some specialists who treat chronic headache patients completely ignore the upper neck. Patients are often under care for years, meanwhile nobody has examined their upper neck.

If your headaches start at the base of your skull, up under your skull, and radiate up the back of your head and behind your eye, you probably have chronic cervicogenic headaches.  This could be the only problem or it could be a trigger your for other headache profiles such as migraine.

Do you also have pain in these areas?

 It's truly amazing how long a person can go on living with this problem, not realizing its coming from their upper neck. 

How Do We Fix This Problem?

First we need to stop your upper neck muscles from pinching the greater occipital nerve.  A few of the methods I regularly use to do so include:

  • Systematically going through the muscles of the entire cervical spine, seeing which ones are not working properly. I'll use specific myofascial release to lengthen these muscles.

  • Decompression Therapy for the Cervical Spine

  • Cold Laser / Class IV Laser Therapy

  • Ultrasound Therapy performed with specific technique

Simply put, your neck is probably not just tight, but weak as well.  To maintain relief, we often need to change the biomechanics of your entire upper body.  I'll coach you though a program of stretching and strengthening that will change the position of your neck, shoulders and upper back. Most of this you can do at home. I just need to show you how. 

If we are on the right track, you will start feeling much better on Day 1.  Usually we can get a patient through this entire process in 8 treatments or less.  Of course, everyone is different and everyone needs to be evaluated as an individual.  -Matthew Colby, DC