Jiu-Jitsu's Dirty Secret?

Often called Jiu-Jitsu's dirty secret , the fear that training will leave you in pieces later in life can be a constant worry for students.  Nobody wants this, but we all want to train hard.

While a lot of BJJ veterans do end up in tough shape later in life, this generally happens when injuries mount up over time, without proper rehab.  This doesn't have to happen to you.

When rehabbing from an injury, most poeple settle for "good enough".  Doctors and therapists also can be too complacent, setting their rehab goals too low, leaving their athletes with sub-optimal results.  This may be good enough for non-athletes, but it's not good enough for me. For me, only 100% recovery (or more) is acceptable.

I bet you feel the same way.

Repairing your own body after injury is truly a part of the jiu-jitsu lifestyle and an art in itself.

I can show you how.

Here are my top 5 BJJ and MMA injuries that you should never let become chronic:

  1. Cervical Disc Bulges.
  2. Hip Flexor Problems
  3. Slipping Rib Syndrome
  4. ACL Injury, Reinjury, Reinjury, Retired.
  5. Chronic Rotator Cuff Syndrome